App Review: Inkifi

Digital photos are great, you can snap away taking hundreds of pics and before you know it you have gigabytes of photos filling your sd card, PC, mobile devices and cloud storage. So what do most people do with all those photos, share them on social media? Store them for the occasional viewing? This is […]

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Ditch the Kit Lens

Like many peaple out there I upgraded from a point and shoot digital camera to my Canon 650d. I got the standard camera bundle with 18mm-55mm kit lens. And pretty much used the kit lens exclusively for around a year before deciding I needed something different. The kit lens is a capable lens and its […]

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Through the Viewfinder

I’ve been a huge fan of instagram for a few years now and have found it has been a great source of inspiration for my own photography. In late 2013 I stumbled across an instagram user known as littlecoal. Check out his profile here littlecoal on IG. (Check out the tagĀ #viewfindersofthepast) He takes amazing photos […]

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